Module 3: The energy x agriculture nexus – Canadian examples (June 15)


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ONLINE PRESENTATION AND DISCUSSION (See our notes on participating with ZOOM)

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Host: Anne Naeth (TBC)
Feng Qiu – Biofuel opportunities
John Parkins / Sven Anders – Rural energy transitions on agricultural landscapes

Feng Qiu is an Associate Professor in the Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology, University of Alberta. Her research interests focus on bioenergy, price and market, land use and food environments. As an applied economist, most of her work uses statistical and econometric analysis to solve practical problems that have significant impacts on policy and business decisions. The projects she has done include assessing the biomass availability and accessibility in Canadian Prairies, investigating market integration among agricultural, forest, traditional fuel and bioenergy markets, analyzing price risk transmission between agricultural and energy sectors and many more.



John Parkins is a professor and department chair in the Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology. His research addresses rural community development, public engagement in resource management, and environmental governance. Research on energy transition includes Q methodology to assess public discourse on energy development, a large-scale national survey of energy literacy and energy citizenship, and analysis of social media content to gauge impacts from proposed energy developments, such as hydroelectric dams.